Stop Whining

Now PB is pulling the plug.

Get over it people.

It’s not an accident.

It’s not an evil act.

It’s a web site for god’s sake. Do you know what is involved? It’s a lot of work. People are never satisfied. Why can’t it do this or that?  I can’t get in. It’s down again. I’m not paying for this.

Believe me when I say nobody is getting rich running a journalist site. And what if they were? If someone works to develop and offer a product that is popular why shouldn’t the person responsible be rewarded for their efforts? You have a phone. You have internet. Nice things cost money.  You get what you pay for (assuming you don’t buy a bridge that someone claims they own).

And stop with all the baloney  about the evil Diary Master that betrayed us and can’t be trusted.

Sheesh. I’m back in high school.

And oh woe what’ll I do? I’ll lose all my friends. If they are really your friends you will find a way to stay connected.

I’m prepared to get excoriated for this.

Well guess what, this is my diary and I’ll say what I want.

Stop whining.


Addenda: The opinions expressed in this entry are solely my own. I have received no compensation of any kind from OD or PB.

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March 27, 2018


I bow in your general direction Mr. Leroy.

March 27, 2018

You know, part of the sadness and whining is that the stability of having your life documented in one place is gone again. Many of us loved OD and would have (and did) pay a lot. We also offered Simple Mind money from the get go just so that he knew how much he was appreciated for trying to keep a community together. I am not mad at him, I’m just sad that again we’re all uprooted. These places do end up feeling like a sort of home complete with an internet family.

March 27, 2018

I have a bridge.  Oh wait, rain for the next two weeks.  I may need a bridge.

I hear ya.  I just scroll past all the whining.

March 29, 2018

Yeah it sucks and I agree with you. It takes a lot to run a website. When OD shut down so long ago, my friends and I found a way to keep in touch. FB. We also have each other’s phone numbers.