hello i guess?

I don’t really know how this site works but I have a pretty boring life so I thought writing my thoughts might help a bit?. My name is seven i’m 16 years old, almost 17 and I like writing poetry, I love it actually. I spend most of the day reading, writing and listening to music. I am an overthinker, if that’s relevant. I’m not sure why am I doing this tbh so uhh yeah.

Yesterday I went to the park late as usual. I go around 9-10pm because it feels as if the park was mine, I don’t like when there’s too much people, I’d say i don’t like being seen. That’s mostly because I think people make up ideas of you based on what you look like, and it’s not like i hate the way i look or something, but I feel disconected to this body, it’s irrelevant to me, so I don’t like being compared to it.

I have to go now.




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