Setting the Scene

I feel such an urge to tell you where I am, what I’m doing as I write this. Maybe because it paints a picture…?

For one, my sister’s cat had entered my bedroom, joining myself and the 200+ lbs. of dog in this room (I’ll leave the number of dogs a mystery, for now…), and she’s now trying to get my attention. It’s like she knows I’m not a cat person. I did mention she’s my sister’s cat, right?

Anyway, besides that, I’ve got my laptop in bed, lo-fi music playing on the TV, a couple of lamps on and a candle going, with a glass of red at my side. All of these things I could find a way to use as a personification of myself. But saying those items metaphorically represent me would leave so much out of the picture. That said, if these were my only options, the wine is likely the best candidate for being the mascot for the me-show, if you will…

I’ve always loved to write. Whether I’m any good at it is another story; maybe it depends on the perspective of the reader and what they expect to get out of what I have to say. This is why I feel like I write best when I’m at work. I can express what I intend to communicate in a real setting, expect real reactions from what I write and hope that those reactions are impactful and have some meaning. While that may suggest that I have a particularly interesting job, I am, in reality, a property manager. But I get an idea of how the information I put out is perceived and interpreted, with usually positive results, so I get some satisfaction from that.

Since a lot of what I will likely write about will have to do with work, I should mention that I am the youngest at my firm, at least for now. I.e. I’m the tech-savvy one. So I’ve not only taken on property management, I’ve taken on a ‘minor’ in consulting on tech troubleshooting, letter editing, document formatting… basically anything that has to do with our firm being able to operate in such a way that makes it appear seamless, consistent, reliable and cohesive, I suppose.

Full disclosure; I love being that person. To me, these simple pieces of advice, minor corrections, suggestions for edits orĀ  even instructions on how to use Microsoft Word really make me feel like I’m helpful and making an impact in my colleagues’ work. Taking a few minutes of my time to help them will only further motivate me to be more efficient and teach myself new ways to be even more productive so I can do more of that. It feels good.

As a self-proclaimed writer, I hate ending things like this because I feel like there’s so much left to be said. But thisĀ is my journal, and I can do whatever the hell I want.

So, goodnight.

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