Being mindful when the ones around me are not

The mind is the most intriguing part of any human being and I love bringing my own mind into things to let it have a go with the world . It challenges me and pushes me to see, feel, and be something bigger and better. Being mindful about the things I spend my time doing and talking about is a crucial practice for me and I have just recently realized how important it is for me to have people in my life who also strive to be mindful and push their mentality a little bit as well. But unfortunately, I do not have anyone around me currently who is like that. I have married the love of my life this year only to feel uneasy a few months later that he would not fulfill that mindfulness requirement my mental health and well being so desires. I strive to have meaningful conversations with loved ones who just simply don’t seem to be as like-minded as I thought. I want to discuss things that challenge me and inspire me to dig deeper and live harder, things that will only lead to more personal development and growth. I want to be mindful with the time I have here on this planet so that I can experience whatever it is the true meaning of life is – I am so eager to discover more because I know it’s out there. If only someone would be just as eager to go with me.

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October 24, 2020

You seem to be near the beginning of your journey, so it is still early.  You may come to discover in time that your husband IS the person who will fulfill your requirements.  If not, then there are others out there, perhaps a person who you have not met yet.

Other people do not define who you are as a human being.  YOU do.  Enjoy every day somehow, and do not dwell on finding that other person or that “true meaning of life” right away.  It will happen, possibly when you least expect it.  You be true to you!

November 15, 2020

Be authentically you and you will attract your tribe. Took me 38 years to find mine, but i’m so happy I did x