Monday 16th October 2023

So Ju had an interview with his line manager, Fiona. It was because he had been off sick, (his reasonable adjustments are being ignored). Then, armed with all the medical knowledge she had scribbled down for the OT, she left the notes on her desk for all to read and pissed off n holiday for a week. GDPR, Data Breach etc. Ju is furious to say the least. All she could say was “sorry”. I would have sued the arse off her. 😡

Chris now has to wait for the Psych to sign him fit to dive. And if he’s fit to dive then he’s fit to go back out on the street which he hates. Just days before he was due to start his course. He is furious too.

Back to work today. Pain still there in my stomach. diverticulitis suspected. Who knows? Will see what the CT scan says. Probably nothing.

Decided not to put the new mattresses in the caravan until after winter.

David has been in an accident at work. Forklift totalled the tractor cab. Broken wrist, broken ribs, whiplash. He’s off work. Not going back to that farm. All they could say was the mechanic will be there in half an hour.






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