Thursday 13th July 2023

Off to take Mavis to Opticians and Library. We bought this static caravan by Parkdean. That’s the 40K gone now. Annoyed that it’s a case of now we have your money we don’t give a shit if it sits there empty. It has to make the pitch fees at least of 4500. And they didn’t add the decking, hang the tv, fix the table, site the table we bought or put the storage box there. Annoyed to say the least. The guy from the alcohol group phoned and. offered an appointment so that’s next Tuesday. I hope we’re done in time because I have my first Masters online class at 1. Chris is off to Thailand today. I pray he has a good time and nothing bad happens. It’s the rainy season so he was a bit annoyed about that. The airport parking fees in the school holiday are criminal compared to any other time of year. I thought profiteering was a criminal offence in this country. It’s Hannah’s last Bulimia clinic next week the 2 weeks of psych. No reply from adoption agency yet. Sofa arrives next week then that’s another 100 a month they’ll have to find.

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July 14, 2023

Hope the static caravan is a good investment.    Is it in a leafy setting?   They look so bare without landscaping.