real life is parching.

As much bitching that we all like to do about school, it does have something going for it: opportunity.
It asks (or should ask) us to be creative. Write a paper. Learn. Draw. Do a project. Join a science fair, a school play, a garden club.
Mostly, if we’re willing, it keeps us thinking and gives us an outlet for that knowledge.

I took poetry and english classes every year of my high school and short-lived college career. I hardly had time to write outside of class, but school wrung the thoughts out of me – whether they were the result of a 10 hour cram session, 2 weeks of procrastination, or two months of intense paper preparation – and I’m the pack rat that never throws anything out so I have drawers and drawers of evidence that I used to be creative. And in class, well, I spent many Philosophy and Anthropology lectures scribbling out five page letters to friends across the country, splashing them with comics complaining about said lectures.

But now I’m out in the real world. a tax paying citizen. over the summer, when i was jobless, I spent my life in the library, devouring books.
I got a job and a boyfriend and my reading pace dropped dramatically. and my writing was almost non-existent.

Mentally, i feel like a dried out grape.
A grayed picture.
Neglected attic.
I think it was Picasso that said we are all born artists, but some of us grow out of it.

I don’t want to grow out of the part of me that saw everything as an opportunity to share the fun.

I need projects. But what I also miss about school is the community. In school I had friends that passed around their writings with me. I belonged to a literary magazine, so I was in constant contact with my peer’s work. 

So yes I need projects. I want to start my creative tap again. But I also need people to do this with.
This is why i like the internet and it’s spawned personalities like ZeFrank or John Green and the Nerdfighters. ( )

 They use the internet to spread a creative epidemic.
Or I cross random projects like Newspaper Blackout.

So I want to make a goal for myself.
Belated new years resolution?

I want to do something creative (or spontaneous) at least once a week. Be that a Blackout Poem, leaving a postcard in a random person’s mailbox, buying the person behind me in line a coffee.

hersoulsitsonherlips’s entry about making her own bumper stickers finally kicked me in the brain stem.

I’m going to infuse some color into the Real World.

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April 28, 2011

RYN: It actually cleared up some stuff for me as well, so don’t feel too bad.

April 28, 2011

I think that is a wonderful idea, and something I’ve been trying to do too. and I just saw that I inspired your creativity!!! I love your last line.