Me and the Married Lady





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You get an odd feeling the first time you finish having "relations" with a married women. I was always heard it’s wrong to break up a happy marriage, but on the other hand when the woman is calling you and asking you to bring protection what happens? Does that sound like a happy marriage to you? What about when the husband is a dumb fuck? Frankly I feel like the sexual Robin Hood. To me monogamy is like listening to one song on repeat for the rest of your life. For some people this is fine, for me it’s not.


I remember before I had had "relations" with her I was focused on it. It was my mission to make this happen. As soon as I got finished my younger more thinking self rushed into my mind asking "what did I just do?” It was odd to her that particular voice of reason again, a voice I hadn’t heard in years, a little boy with fear.


I laid there with her holding her and almost quivering due to my newly rediscovered convictions. I laid there for a couple hours trying to sleep but it didn’t seem to find me between the thoughts of me laying there with an unhappily married women. I was lying in the spot he laid in when he was in town, I used his condoms and his bathroom, I drank of his drinks, sit of his couch, and played with his wife’s titties. She gave me the love that should have been his; I could feel it in the dank air and her looks toward me. She hadn’t been loved in a long time.


5am rolled around I woke her up and I told her I had to go so I could make it to work on time. I walk from the bed room to the living room and she follows being me to take off work and stay with her that day. Truth be told I didn’t want to, I already felt strange enough. I walked up behind her after I got dressed and hugged her from behind, I wrapped my hands around hers on her stomach squeezed her tight, and she laid her head on the side of my shoulder and I bent down and kissed her, then I spun her around grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her forehead winked smiled and told her I had to go. She had one of those smiles where your eyes turn into little smiley faces.


I walked slowly down the driveway, and put my leg over my bike, I glanced back up at the front door and I saw her looking at me. I turned on my choke, started my bike, and ribbed the motor two real good times, and rolled out into the darkness leaving a lonely house wife standing on her front porch.


It was relatively cold for a late August morning, and I was riding sleep deprived in a thick fog, really not a good time to be on a bike. I’m riding like a bat out of hell with my eyes about to glaze over. I start to think what if I had an accident and got killed it’s on my dad’s way to work and he would be coming through anytime, and what I was doing there would eventually come out. Of course I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore, but it kind of made me sick to think that my last act on this earth would be putting it to some dudes wife. Just isn’t very appealing to me.


I kept riding through curve after curve of foggy creepiness. I came around the steepest curve of my ride home and a huge black dog ran out in front of me, almost caused me to wreck, and almost made me stain my panties. It really spooked me how it just came out of nowhere.


I continued my ride with shaky nerves until I got back to my house at around 6:30am then I took me a little nap before work. Never been so glad to get off my bike than that morning.

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November 5, 2013

almost disturbing, I’ve been there, just a different ride home but many of the same thoughts

November 6, 2013

There are lots of triggers. Life circumstances, failure to meet high expectations, above average intelligence, a natural and lifelong tendency to be melancholy.

November 6, 2013

If you think monogamy is like listening to one song over and over you need to be more creative. 😛

December 7, 2013

Isn’t it funny when you think you don’t have an opinion on something and you do it and then feel awful about it. I hope I’m never the other woman as I have been cheated on, but life happens. I’m glad that you made it home and yes it was a bad idea to be on a bike in the fog in the dark lol. I hope you are doing well and still have a clean place 😉

January 31, 2014

If you don’t make it to prosebox it was nice knowing you. If you know great im at indie_indeed hit me up.