Congress Drones On

HEADLINE – WSJ: U.S. Should Give Ukraine Armed Drones, Senators Urge Biden Administration
Gray Eagle drones could ‘drive the strategic course of the war in Ukraine’s favor’ and counter Russia’s use of Iranian drones

The MQ-1C Gray Eagles, made by General Atomics, can hold up to four Hellfire Missiles and have a 29,000 foot service ceiling. A group, led by Sens. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa., and Joe Manchin, D-W.V., wrote. “Most importantly, armed [Unmanned Aerial Systems] could find and attack Russian warships in the Black Sea, breaking its coercive blockade and alleviate dual pressures on the Ukrainian economy and global food prices.”*

General Atomics is a defense and diversified technologies company, founded in 1955 as a Division of General Dynamics and acquired by the Blue family (NBFA – National Blue Family Foundation).

Due to the 2020 retirement of its leaders and the lack of success in finding replacements, the NBFA no longer actively collects dues, hosts reunions or publishes a newsletter. The last NBFA reunion was held in July 2018 and the last Chalice newsletter was published in Autumn of that year.

As a matter of choice, I would prefer that strategy be left to those managing the battlefield. The Black Sea Russian Fleet has been held in check by drones supplied to Ukraine by Turkey. At present, it appears that the American sourced HIMARS are of greater strategic us to Ukraine. Given the number of missiles and drones fired into Ukraine from Russia, the Israeli Iron Dome may be more valuable.

Under the Nunn-Lugar Agreement***, the United States has an obligation to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Russia fires artillery and missiles and drones into Ukraine from just inside the borders of Russia. The Russians have ammo dumps, fuel depots, supply lines and masses of artillery and drone and rocket launchers on that border. Why are we so timid about putting and end to this war? Carpet-bomb** the shit out of all of it, and stop the slaughter of the people of Ukraine, and the destruction of its infrastructure, hospitals and apartment buildings. The U.S. is not “guaranteeing the territorial integrity of Ukraine”. Our country is failing in its obligations.

* I would have preferred the term “food supplies”.
** Saying this will most likely get my page suspended for a month, or destroyed as they did in past under my real name. I may return under the name Poplicola, or perhaps as Dr. Ivan Schnagle. If der scumbag Reichfurer cannot take a truth, he is doomed and all who ride in him. FB Reichfurer Zuck hates truth.


Ukrainian intelligence estimates that three-quarters of the components of the Iranian drones downed in Ukraine are American-made, according to documents reviewed by the Journal. The findings were made after the Ukrainian military downed several drones, including an Iranian Mohajer-6 drone that agents hacked midflight and landed intact, according to Ukrainian investigators.

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