Is the United States of America “Chinatown”?

By “Chinatown” I refer to the film of the same name.  Not-with-standing complaints that the title of the film is in some manor “racist”, the film depicts a police department that tries to do its job, but cannot understand what is going on in this sub-section of Los Angeles (in which many live who are Chinese), but who are also able to understand the high levels at which corruption operates, including the water supply for the City of Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley.

The American government, as expressed by The occupants of the White House, the Congress, and the House of Representatives, have approached a level of corruption that is so vast that it is hard to take its measure.  There is an underlying theme in all of this.  The theme is to destroy the economy of the United States.  Those who would accomplish this goal are coming very close to doing so.

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