The Very First

The very first. Whenever I start a new, written entry/chapter based document, if it feels appropriate, I always call the first entry, ‘The Very First’. It’s named after the cassette that was bundled with my first ever computer; the Commodore 64. I have never felt the need to explain that before and I guess the reason I am writing it here and now is because, well… because I felt like I wanted to – and that is what I want this space to be. A place that I can write and feel and document anything I feel necessary – without rules or judgement from either myself or perceived judgement from whoever reads this.


This journal, which I have threatened to start over many milestones in my life – graduating Uni, getting divorced, when Mum passed away, buying a house (with the inheritance), will consist of entries, free-writing, poems musings and ramblings and hopefully soon I will begin to feel all of the benefits that come along with the putting down of prose – so here goes;


I am a 40 year old man who lives in England. I work in the media and this week I was formally diagnosed with ADHD which will almost certainly lead to a formal diagnosis for autism. Also this week, my partner of three years told me she would like to separate a week after our daughter’s 1st birthday.


This is my anonymous safe space to document the start of my new life.

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