ramadan mubarak said

hello;hello;hello!I know,it’s been a while since I’ve written something;first of all;I want to say to every muslim,RAMADAN MUBARAK SAID!

this is the third week of ramadan,are you used to fasting yet?well;I really don’t have a problem with "the not eating and drinking part",but most is to pray and I don’t mean the five prayers of day but I mean asking GOD;beg to him for help because this holly month is a great oppurtinity to ask GOD since GOD is answering prayers and give the chance to his believers to worshp him more,even the atmosphere is great in this month,everyone is happy,you see a lot of people  going to the mosque,we wake up before dawn to eat something to help us bear with fasting,the streets at night are always full,families everywhere.it’s just magical.

any way,I’m writing from my aunt’s house,we’ve left just today me and mom,I think I’m gonna spend some time here to get some perspective,alyjough I’m gonna miss my mom’s food and the atmosphere at home.I had some happiness problems and I feel under pressure to do a lot of things,I need to study and get rid of my anexity disorder before school or history will repeat itself.I have to go now.bey.

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July 28, 2013

Done 🙂

December 27, 2013

Don’t worry about things try not to be anxious just keep calm,mget organised and things get so much easier. I worried about school but I got kicked out at fifteen but I came back to sit all my higher exams. You can do everything if you really want to, most of your problems are in your head