Crazy Husband!

Yesterday I was cashing up at our shop, it was just after 4, closing the window shutters, bringing in the advertising sign etc. then started emptying the till.

Hubby was stood around saying ”Come on! Hurry up! Come ONNNNNN!”

Stomping his feet!

I told him he sounds and behaves like a stroppy teenager!

He said, in a silly voice ”I AM a stroppy teenager, I want to walk to Spar and get sumfing for my dindiiins and your dindiiins so we can stuff our gobs when we get home!”

He’s 62!

OMG he makes me laugh!


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October 1, 2023

OMG. This put a smile on my face! I love this! 😀

November 8, 2023

@rabbitgirl Thank you! I’m happy I made you laugh!

His hilarious sense of humour never fails to have me creased up with laughter!