Feeling A Bit Better!

It’s 12:30pm and am back here at work for the 7th day in a row after being here since 8am, the monthly business accounts/book-keeping need doing.  Stuffing my gob with a sandwich before starting as I don’t want to get Festive Feast all over the receipts! Washing it down with a can of Monster Juiced!

As a whole I’m beginning to feel better from the past few crushing dark horrible days… the bad moods have just about gone, the menopause is causing leg cramp again but I take a 1/4 teaspoon of Colman’s mustard to help ease it! I’ve been mentally and physically in a very dark place for a while what with the agonizing thrush,  tears, panic attacks, lack of sleep, bad moods, migraine, menopause, sickness, diarrhea,  and cold bug all ganging up on me all at once! The meno is easing, most of the thrush has gone, no more sickness and diarrhea. Still a bit spaced out from the migraine and I can’t shift this cold no matter what but I’m beginning to get back on the brighter side for a while! Basically I’m just feeling washed out and spacey at the moment!

I even, this morning, had something I seldom have…a Mars Bar! Well, actually I had 2 but it’s been well over a year since I had them last time!


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November 19, 2023

I’m sorry you got so ganged up on!  And nice to know you’re coming out from under it.