My Husband Hilariously Conked Out!

Sat here at work, 7th day in a row, utterly knackered!

Hubby is still choc-a-bloc with his cold so has been up half the night not being able to breathe properly, throbbing head etc. so has been stuffing Vic up his nose and drinking Nirolex.

I’ve still got mine but is now mostly coughing fits and throat feeling like I’ve been scoffing drawing pins so I was up guzzling a can of Strongbow about 12:30 this morning, sat on the edge of the bed, which had been in the fridge just over a week and it was very cool on my throat,  and this piggin’ awful thrush driving me nuts so I’ve been up and down half the night too!

Then because our gorgeous little cat sleeps with us, we’ve had to disturb her every time we get in/out of bed so she was knackered this morning too, the poor babe! We apologized to her each time we had to disturb her and gave her lots of kissies and cuddles, then this morning while feeding her I gave her a few extra Dreamies! At least she can now have a few hours on her own, snuggled in bed,  to catch up on sleep while we’re here at work!

Hubby squeaked to me in the early hours ”Send help! I’m dying, I’m about to conk out!” I told him it would be very selfish and inconsiderate of him to die as I’d have to drag his dead body down a whopping 4 flights of stairs then roll him down into the cellar and there would be all those nasty forms I’d have to fill out, + I can’t go down to the cellar to wrap his body up and hide him because of the creepy crawlies down there! That got him laughing!

Then this morning he did the washing up and was singing while doing it so that proves he hasn’t snuffed it yes!

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