Our Patient Little Puss!

At the moment I’ve got what I’d describe as a cross between a cold and a flu, I really don’t know where to out myself at the moment. I’m at work dealing with customers etc. but am not ”human” at the moment.

I had a really bad night last night with it, barely any sleep, coughing fits, scalding hot, freezing cold, thumping head  etc. and trying not to wake hubby. Around 2am I was sat on the edge of the bed washing paracetamol down with a bottle of Stella and our little cat Wopsie, who sleeps with us every night, she was so patient and understanding when I had to disturb her 3 times to get up for the loo and the pills/drink.

I hate disturbing her! I’d whisper to her ”I’m so sorry, babe, I don’t like waking you up”. Then when I got back into bed she became my doctor, she snuggled in with me and was singing really loudly! She rested her dainty little head on my shoulder or pressed her little beautiful face right into mine!

Getting up for work at 7am, dog tired, I gave Wopsie her well-earned breakfast then she got back into bed and I gave her big kissies and cuddles and thanked her for being so good again!

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October 27, 2023

See, you can’t find anything better than a cat, or a rabbit for that matter! đŸ™‚

October 28, 2023

@simplypurrfect Exactly!