It’s 9:37am and it’s been absolutely pouring down all night and still is! I absolutely LOVE rain, the heavier the better!

As for fireworks, which I utterly hate and don’t see the point in, thankfully here in our little place of only 3,048 residents in the UK people are really good. There’s a few who let them off but it only goes on for no more than about 1/2 then they stop completely. On 5th November I was in bed with our little cat when they were going off. We had all the windows closed and little Wopsie was stood on my chest, slightly nervous but generally OK. I was hugging and kissing her and telling her she’s safe here and she settled down. However, we have 5 coldwater fish in the livingroom, Nosher, Jaws and Fangs, Wibbly and Wobbly and they were scared, the poor babes so hubby went to them and spoke to them, trying to calm them down. They were OK again after the fireworks stopped.

11:04am. On a quick 5 minute work break. I can just do with a ice cold can of Strongbow now! Will have to wait until tonight at home!

Hubby is SOOOO piggin’ funny! The public female loo’s were closed for 2 days again, in less than a week of each other because of silly bitches ramming too much loo roll and sanitary stuff etc. down there. Luckily I’ve got my RADAR key for the other one over the road. Today they’re back open but a sign on both cubicle doors basically says that if they’re any more blocking and the Council will have to permanently close them as it costs hundreds of pounds to keep them maintained. I told my hubby just now and he said I’m to let him know if any of the women drop their purses in there and he’ll quite happily go and grab them!


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