Why do we break ourselves down?

How often have we fallen into the rabbit hole of self destruction? Mentally tearing our minds into confetti.  It’s not enough that the outside world judges us to be perfect, beautiful and charismatic, but now any shred of identity is in question. When did we lose our ability to be compassionate with ourselves? We tell others they are one of a kind while behind closed doors mark up our mind and body with red ink like teachers correcting term papers.  Telling ourselves we should be thinner, wide eyed, and flawlessly unreal. When did we decide it was ok to speak to ourselves with a tone of disgust? Treating ourselves like strangers, picking apart every fiber of their being because they didn’t meet the “new” standards of being beautiful.

When did we start convincing ourselves that we aren’t enough?

Man made illusions of the perfect wife, mom or lover. When did it become ok to take those negative words like daggers and drive them in deeper? Stop harming yourself. You don’t deserve this. You are NOT who YOU say you are. You are amazing. Your a real person with feelings and emotions. You are perfectly imperfect. You are what makes YOU… YOU.  Stop doubting. Get to know yourself. Love you first.

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