what do people actually do on a daily basis

this has always been something that bothered me, what do people actually do? it all seems so bland.

work, hobbies, workout, cook+eat, friends/family

like is that it? it seems so boring

and everyone has the same goals

not that i am any different, because what goal could i have that is out of the norm?

i couldnt. thats the point

not that i really want to, im not special

goals such as “i want to change the world” or “become financially free” or “find happiness” “have a partner and kids in a big house”

it all seems so boring to me. what are you going to do when you do become financially free? just sit there and do nothing? “travel the world” or donate to charity or some shit? i mean if you want to go on

im intrested to what peoples goals are. if anyone has goals that arent the normal boring ones.

thats all



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