I wonder what DeeDee would think now?

With all this Gypsy Rose coverage being shown…I’ve always been into true-crime and I was very familiar with her case back when it happened but I have watched the prison confessions by Lifetime and The Act to see what new info was going to come out….I have learned a lot more with this new wave of info, documentaries and interviews, especially about who Claudinnia Pitre was! Ok, we’ve seen and heard Gypsy tell her story but DeeDee and her momma seems to be the root of all this! I want to know more about them!

It seems from family members revealing that Dee’s mom was very over-protective of her, didn’t let her do the things the other kids would do, made her out to be a sickly child, gave her special treatment and kept her very close. We then find out DeeDee had a fascination with magic which I suppose was some voodoo/hoodoo since its very common there in Louisana and Gypsy says she put a hex on her when she ran away with her first love interest. Then we have suspicions of her starving her mom to death as well as slowly poisoning her step-mom! This woman has quite a tangled web of dysfunction and she is who I want to “study”!

My question today would be….If Dee Dee was not murdered but exposed to LE and even adult protective services, what would she be saying to defend herself AND what would she say IF we had the ability to hear from “the other side” and she could see all the documentaries, movies and social media of Gypsys prison time, release and newly found happiness with her father, step-mom, siblings and husband?? I am really curious to know!!!

I also wonder what she could have been charged with had it been fully investigated? Aside from the obvious abuse but all the fraud, scheming, stealing RX pads and all the RX’s she wrote…The financial crimes would have been astounding if they could have proved them.


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