A roller skating jam named Saturday

The Beans on Toast gig was good.  It was supposed to be at the Westgarth here in Boro, but they’ve shut so it was at the Georgian in Stockton instead.  The support act was Guise, who was brilliant.  some people near the front did start chatting when she started playing a song about her dad, but they were quickly shushed up.  Beans was on top form.  He played some new songs, used a new opening for On and On and had his set list written on a table, which he’s raffling off at the end of the tour.  The money raised at each gig is donated to a local food bank.

Wednesday, I’m going to Yarmouth.  The Sci-Fi Weekender starts on Thursday.  I can’t wait.  I will also admit, it’ll be nice not to have to worry about heating the house.

In a vinyl collectors FB group I’m a member of, someone posted about an offer a band called When Rivers Meet were putting on.  A copy of their last album for £12 with free postage.  I couldn’t resist that, so I ordered one and listened to it as soon as it came in.  Absolutely fantastic blues rock band.  Looking them up, I found out they are on tour soon and they’re playing Bradford they day before Live at Leeds in the Park.  So, assuming I don’t find something else to do that night, I’m seriously thinking of going.  It’s just whether or not I can cope with a gig and two music festivals in three days.

Dyed my hair pink.  Because, I felt like it.

Finally got round to starting cross stitching my baseball cap.  I am never cross stitching onto a baseball cap again in my life.  It’s a fucking nightmare, because the peak makes it almost impossible to hold comfortably.

My entry title is the name of a De La Soul song, because all of their albums are now on streaming sites!  Here’s the song:


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