When Batman cries

Where did I get my entry title from?  Glad you asked:

There.  That’s a thing you now know exists.  You may wish you still didn’t know it existed but, hey, if I have to suffer with this knowledge, why shouldn’t you?

Went to pick up the books on Tuesday.  The bus went past the place I used to go to for my creative writing class and it’s not there anymore :¬(  The old school has been demolished.

Twin Peaks are back!  Not the TV series.  Poundland decided to make their own version of Toblerone bars.  They had to seel the first lot as a limited run due to looking too similar to To0blerone, but they’ve rejigged the design and they’re back!  And they’re gorgeous.

The new version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch drops tomorrow.  That’ll keep me occupied.  I’m also making my way through all of Inside No 9.

Also found out today that Stephen Fry is releasing a book about Greek heroes.  I’ve read his book Mythos about the Greek myths and really enjoyed it, so I’m hoping I can get this one as soon as it’s released as well.

Makes me smile: Cleaners clean the wrong house

And this clever doggo:

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October 25, 2018

Looks like you are going to be doing a lot of reading…Hope you enjoy those books….