i’m screwed

i literally have exams this week and i cannot concentrate whenever i’m studying… the reason??????? MALADAPTIVE DAYDREAMING. yeah, that’s right!! i hate that this has become my coping mechanism because it literally consumes most of my time.. at first, it was kinda relieving because it makes me feel less lonely because there is a different version of me who is loved and actually living a happy life.. but what makes this really really bad is that i cannot concentrate on things that i actually have to do especially when i’m studying… even when i’m watching a movie or some youtube videos, i dissociate easily and start daydreaming… i’ve been doing this since pandemic started.. i hate the fact that i want it both to stop and not stop at the same time. i wish i could do this in moderation or stop completely but it seems like i am trapped!!!!!!!! being an introvert makes this even worse because socializing with people really drains me out. like literally drains tf out me. so yeah, i’m screwed now.


so yeahh, here i am i’m trying to catch up on my backlogs because it’s exam week.. good luck to meeeeee!!!


manifesting ✨productivity✨ tonight !!

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