Week 2 Blog

I learned tht mixing PHP into HTML isnt that hard..

Created a Submission form.. and i enjoyed learning to attach a drop down menu for options

Im trying to figure out how to add a photo and make the Comment text box larger


I enjoy the lessons with my professor.. she is detailed & patient &  makes it look easy lol

did some videos and reading while I was moving & hopefully once im settled i can focus more on my studies.

TOOK  me 3 days ! to get my code to work.. $ is what i was missing in my string LOL

and figured out why my else if statements were not working..

syntax errors are the death of coding LOL


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September 14, 2021

I love HTML. I have a blog here that I practise it –> https://wordsmith.social/sambuca/

October 3, 2021

@kartoffeltorte thank you kindly <3

October 3, 2021

@111111q what are you showing me.. I NO SPEAK whatever language that is.. lol