Two ways of looking at it

Dreams (inspired very loosely by The Christmas Carol)


Christmas past.


Midnight Mass
Church crowded with people home for the holidays.
Squashed against a woman in a fur coat who smelled like onions.
Traditional carols stretching across the length of the church, from balcony to altar.
Stained glass window black with night.

Christmas trees with blue lights.
Nativity scene with giant camel.
Pools of poinsettias.


Christmas present.

The meal
Formica table screeches when pulled apart to make more room.
A lasagna from Walmart’s freezer.
Fruit salad that I didn’t realize was old-fashioned.
Daughterinlaw brings dessert, fancy cookies, an apple pie.

A bottle of wine.
A game of Authors.


Christmas future.

When I’m gone, what happens?
I do not have a ghost to guide me.
Who goes to church?
Who gets my mother’s formica table?
Who brings people together for a meal?

Turns out it doesn’t matter.
We live a term of life.
Then others celebrate.




Gratitudes from the past year –


Gracie went to buttopractor.

She did not go hungry.

She has become a car dog.

She is actualizing herself by killing or maiming cats and biting Mommy’s friends.


Jim went to a St. Paul Saints game.

He did pretty well with crops and cattle even though circumstances were subnormal.

Satisfying to get Joana’s property settled.

He likes his new red tractor.


Katie is doing well, physically and emotionally.

Will is into sports and is smart.

We seem to be getting along with our neighbors.


Stripey Butt lived through the year.

He’s become the Chrysler building eagle.

He sleeps in Ma’am’s bed.



I myself will start a new paragraph.  I had a hard time coming up with three good things from 2018.  I didn’t try too hard, but nothing came quickly to mind.  I need a better attitude.  I need a way of adding up the good things, and glossing over the bad ones.  Don’t worry.  It’s ok.  It always is.


Happy New Year, everyone.



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January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2019

I really like this entry

January 1, 2019

Gracie is killing cats and biting people?  WTF!!