And so I begin again…

Life is a collection of unexpected events. Sometimes they are good, if not great, and lead us down paths that bolster our hopes and dreams, lift our spirits, and give us a reason to hope. I’ve had plent of those…until I burned my world to the ground. You see, sometimes the unexpected can lead us down darker paths, take us into situations that tempt us to act out of character, to embrace a moment or two and not think about the consequences.

But nothing is without consequence.

My choices led me into a darkness that few ever tread. Most who do allow the blackness around them to seep inside their souls and mutate the very essence of their being. I forced myself to be different, to remember the light of my past, the light I was so sure still existed in the world. It was a momentous challenge. Something on the scale of climbing Mt. Everest. But, I think I succeeded.

Things are better now. Wildly unexpected but not in a bad way. Sure certain things aren’t as I’d hoped, but the good of my life again outweighs the bad. Circumstances have allowed me to be reborn, and so I am going to make the most of the opportunity.

Once, over a decade ago, I was a almost daily contributor to this site. Sadly, I don’t remember what my diary was called or what email address I was using at the time. But again, a fresh start is probably for the best. So… who am I now? Well, that’s what this diary is all about. I hope you join me on my journey. I’m a social creature and a bit of an addict for commentary by my readers, so please reach out. In addition to my journey, expect plenty of fiction stories to be posted for your enjoyment and critique.

So who am I? Well here are some basics.

  1. I’m 45 years old. Tall and barrel chested. I’ve got a bit of a gut (nothing too obscene) but work a very physical job, so I’m also strong and healthy.
  2. I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.
  3. I was once a Technical Writer and Instructional Designer.
  4. I’ve written 3 complete novels (unpublished) and am in the process of fine tuning one for submission to agents / self publication.
  5. My fiction all falls under the genre of horror, though I like to think it is fairly literary.
  6. I have a degree in English, and finished all Pre-Med coursework after graduation.
  7. I’m divorced and currently lonely as hell.
  8. Favorite authors are: Erin Morgenstern, Stephen King, Clive Barker, and John Connolly
  9. I am a life long comic book fan but cannot get into manga no matter how hard I try.
  10. I have a few skeletons in my closet.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. Reach out, tell me who you are.



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June 30, 2023

Heya, I am Sammy. I’ll be 49 on Sunday. I love SK and Edgar Allan Poe. (hence the un) I’m just trying to find myself in this weird thing called life. 🙂