Ok, so I am a liar…

I am back to Win 10. I hate Linux… and I can’t afford a Mac yet, maybe in the New Year…? IDK…Β  I am a Mac person as you know… it’s no secret. Windows is what I was schooled in, but in my heart of hearts, I’m a Apple girl. RIP Steve.

The COVID-19 is getting worse in our area. It is due to the kidlets going back to school. Also ppl aren’t obeying Justin with the social distancing and the mask wearing…. so Ry hinted at going on lockdown yet again. πŸ™

But I have my computer and tablet and soon my Switch Lite. So, I am set. πŸ™‚


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September 15, 2020

Did you hear that Quebec is implementing a $6000.00 fine for not wearing the masks?Β  I think that all of Canada should have that then maybe the number will become zero.

@jaythesmartone Totes mah goat Jodie. Yupp.

September 15, 2020

stay safe! I love Macs! I have 3 maybe for Christmas I will send you my oldest one πŸ™‚

@kaliko Awesome! πŸ™‚

September 15, 2020

I love Macs but can’t afford one.

@kotila Same here. πŸ™‚

September 15, 2020

I currently HATE windows 10. That was my last computer that crashed. One day I’ll probably switch to Mac. Windows 10 froze my sims game. It wouldn’t run properly. Probably because it wasn’t made for 10 and they had to make a workaround for it.

@seablue4u I’m getting a Mac in Feb. 😁😁😁

December 17, 2020

Hope you didn’t have another lockdown. We haven’t had one again here yet.