The Queen’s and the King’s Dog

My dog[1] ran away last night – to make a long story short when I picked her up she didn’t wiggle or fight to get away and even kissed me. When I put her in my car she wouldn’t move. I thought she was drugged. I brought her into the house and she immediately ran around grabbing her toys and jumped in her dog bed excitedly. So she wasn’t drugged, just probably scared and confused and now she’s happy to be home.

♥ I need to buy a new tie out – the old one broke

♥ Find and put on her name tag – I need to buy needle nose plyers

♥ Wait to make sure she isn’t pregnant, get her fixed

♥ Register her locally, pay fee

♥ Register her nationally through AKC, pay fee

♥ Register her microchip online, pay fee

♥ Purchase new GPS tracker for collar – she ate the old one

♥ Register her as a therapy dog, pay fee

♥ Buy her the vest

I have come to the conclusion that owning a pet dog costs a lot of money. I’m sincerely glad she’s back home… On her birthday Happy 2 Years old baby girl.








[1] The Queen of England owns corgis and Stephen King has a tri-colored corgi named Molly… so she is now respectfully referred to as — The Queen and the Kings dog. 😊

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May 11, 2018

So cute! My husband wants a Corgi one day. I usually like bigger dogs, but Corgis are stinkin’ adorable.

Glad she made it home safely!