A whole year has gone by since I have written here or even been on this Diary. Many newness this past year with the Move and visiting people.

The 28th came and went. YEARS ago.. I wrote an entry about Kindness Cards.. in memory of. (Although after searching I found I didn’t post it on this Diary but the other one).

At this site it tells about it-

I have shared them with several people but had never used them myself. Years ago I probably would have been more inclined to than now. I got to thinking that in the month of August I would use them… I took some with me to California while I was there visiting and then I never used them.

On the 28th.. I used my first one.. at Starbucks. I handed the gal a card and 5 bucks to pay for the next person’s Drink. Actually had it occured to me sooner I would have done the same at a few other establishments I went to that day.

I don’t really know how I felt about using the Kindness Card. I don’t have an overwhelming need for anyone to know I lost a child or for anyone to remember him. I don’t have a need to talk about him as I did at first.

**I** remember him and it is all that matters.

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August 30, 2013

Even though I never knew Nathan in real life, I remember him from reading your many entries about him here on OD.

September 1, 2013

We will never forget our sons.