I thought I knew who I was.  I thought I was strong.  I thought I was stable.

I thought I was loved, cherished, and valued.  I wasn’t.

I was misled into believing that I was enough.  I was blissfully unaware that my devotion was a charade.  A scam.  A mockery.

I thought I knew who I was.  I didn’t.

I thought I knew who he was.

I don’t.

As time passes, the pain lessens.  The sense of betrayal is fading.  The sadness is diminishing.

The aura of rage is rising.  The anger of infidelity.  The fury of deceit.

Resentment, antipathy, and bitterness are all that remain.

Only time can heal what reason cannot.

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September 14, 2020

Beautifully written and I hope you can heal and work through what you went through

September 14, 2020

@mlle Thank you! 🙂

Listen, you are worth every bit. OK? No guy should say different!