I don’t forgive you.  I don’t see how I could.  I don’t understand how you expect me to forgive you.  I don’t understand why you still want me.

I was blissfully unaware of your fraud.

You owned me.  You had all of my love, all of my loyalty, and all of my devotion.

But, I didn’t have yours.

You had one leg in and one leg out, straddling the line of deceit ever so carefully, so as to not have to lay in the bed that you so made.

She is the love of YOUR life.  The toxic, hateful, addictive, and horrendous relationship to which you said you had escaped.  But you didn’t escape.  You never ended.

You will never escape.  This is the person that you deserve.

And you are the person that she deserves.

Please leave the innocent, unknowing, and unexpecting alone.  We do not want to participate in your poison.  We do not want to experience the pain of your psychological affliction.

We do not forgive you.  And we never will.

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Let the toxicity go girl.