In that summer of the Beast’s birth, another child came into the world… this child was not to cry but to sing; the skies opened and the rains began to fall, putting an end to the long drought.

Indeed, I was born under a lucky star. I am productive regarding the global mission of our planet and I am putting to use the Violet Flame of Transmutation, gifted to us from St. Germaine, in a persistent and useful way. Some very profound, life-changing and awe-provoking insights have dawned on me, consequently I am leading a very meaningful life, and my diary is inspiring me. Therefore, I am lucky to have discovered the Divine Attributes, such as the Sword of the First Ray of masculinity, the Holy Grail of abundant riches to be shared generously with the others, the crystal heart in a lotus in the Solar Plexus, containing a Spark of the Flame to transmute safely karma and release negative patterns from the former capsule of my feelings; the 5D Pyramid that helps solve problems of all kinds, transforming them into positive solutions (if practiced often and regularly). Now I should and I am trying to develop my contribution to the Global Alignment to its fullest possible potential … that is infinite and benevolent … for all humankind’s selfless benefit of mature growth and wisdom.

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