What does Hell really consist of?

Is it true that Hell – it is the other people? “Hell” is a vast notion. In its core there is the dictum that it is an unbearable source of discomfort. In this case – is it true that other people are the reason for our unpleasant sensations as a rule? The answer is multilayered and varied like the multiplicity of people in this world. Many people don’t care at all about the opinion of the others. There are people that shudder when they face cruelty. Some are cruel on purpose. And some are convinced they are a failure and they are their own source of “hell”. And some, no matter what happens, always remain centered and find their way. This is why it’s difficult to determine that Hell, as a whole, this is the other people surrounding us. Maybe it comes from within? Or maybe you cause this hell to the others? Maybe you are invincible? Etcetera..

When you refer to people as “The others”, you get separated from the collective responsibility. Such a way of thinking belongs to the policy of separation. Yes, this is the nostrum. When “we” become “the others”, everybody becomes a player on their own. The collective wellbeing remains in the background, until it fades away completely. Then the unsightly attitude of egoism and even intentional malice begins. When values such as respect, responsibility and brotherhood get wiped away, how come do you expect that the others won’t become a “Hell”?

When you immerse in an illusion that ignores, twists and erases the existence of the cosmic fraternity, then don’t we take the road to ignorant chaos and destruction? Don’t we get filled with disappointment, the important principles then lose their meaning and we start staring with empty eyes, always blaming an external reason.

Yet we have chosen as a collective to stray from the righteous path and get separated from each other, until we got lost and don’t know where to head to..

On a global scale, especially before we get incarnated, everything is being coordinated.

Yes, Hell – this is the others, but we have achieved this state of being together.

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