Ah, Jealousy. The mistrustful monster that haunts each breath.
Ever been scared of your partner’s phone?
Yes. That’s exactly what I mean.
I believe that the trend that has been normalised is not ok. I am referring to constant change of relationships.
Well, not that it is better to be enslaved in one that is not functioning properly and makes you cry.
But normalising the reality where people lose their value and the efforts that build trust and a future, get ruined in a blink? Sounds like monstrosity to me. Let’s leave aside the industry with naked flesh, which contributes additionally to the situation.
Why should promises be empty? Why utter words that you don’t understand the significance of?
You switch conversations, hoping that this time it would last. Alas.
It gets even more boring and stressful to the point where you simply don’t want to go on anymore.
And it’s not about despair or giving up. You simply feel disgust at people’s approach and psychology.
Anyways… there are small signs that always give it out. Signs that we ignore, not that we don’t notice, but we prefer to hide our glimpse of them, as it is more convenient to like in a pink bubble of illusions.
So… if it doesn’t feel warm and comfortable, that’s enough.
And if you have years of history with someone… and then they decide to move on..
Come on, guys.
We love so that it can last.
Otherwise it’s simply not worth it.
It maybe ends because people are not on the same page anymore.
So, personally, I wouldn’t date a guy that doesn’t read my online diary. Joke aside, conversation is the most important part of it all.
I want to laugh, to communicate casually (not small talk), to be random, to exchange ideas. (To have sex. LOL)
I don’t know what to add.
If the person I love gives up the interest towards other women for me, not on purpose but because I provoke a fiery spark in him that distracts him from the other females, I’d praise him forever.
Yes. That is the truth. Unless a person stays infatuated with you forever, it won’t work out.
Being in love is being silly and goofily focusing only on the better half.
My uncle, God bless his memory, awed my aunt so much for her intelligence and personality, that he couldn’t think of another lady.
Tolkien is another good example of refined love.

Yes. Dream big. Otherwise you’ll always make compromises.

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