How to Live with Faith

It’s not that hard once you REALLY feel the heart of the Trinity emanating consciousness, existence and Love.
Then you realise despair drags you down, it feels funny to stick to it, and unless you have a very deep trauma that needs some extra healing (which we do receive from our guides in the most appropriate moments when they can activate it), you simply ascend to a state of being where you feel Faith and Trust in the Divine God without doubt.
You go with the cosmic flow of the Plan and start understanding how things work, so there is no room for suspicions anymore. Just work as part of the brotherhood of Light.
The Universe is an organised Creation which needs constant monitoring, so it’s better to learn how it works and have absolute Faith in the power of purity, but in a mature way, of course.
If you believe a car won’t hit you and jump in front of it, this is delusion instead.
And if you have the controlled capacities to prevent it, this is wisdom and resourcefulness…

Sigh. Easier said than done, though, but I do have progress.

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