Where’s the contact support button [pics]

I’ n seeing it anywhere. It says that my diary has been restored and I’m still not seeing anything. I know I had entries from 2008 until the day the site got shut down. I remember going in and setting most of it to private and leaving a few entries public.

The site is still running pretty slow. It takes a while for the compose an entry button to load in. I have to exit the browser and load back in and then it’ll work, but if I click anything else, like another diary and I go and hit the entry button… I have to exit everything and come back in and then it’ll let me write.

I’m also not seeing a contact support button anywhere on my screen. Not under help and not under settings.

EDIT – The contact support button was behind the purple banner saying that my diary was restored. So if you can’t find it, that’s where it is. What’s it mean by my ticket is 1057? Does that mean there are 1056 people ahead of me?!

This is like the DMV!

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February 3, 2018

Same here.

February 3, 2018

@toxicbeauty This is so stupid. The contact support button is BEHIND the purple banner that says “Your old diary content has been restored!”

February 3, 2018

@adriennebrody try to X out of it. I read the DM leave a note for another person saying that.

February 4, 2018

@toxicbeauty I can’t even get to the DM. When I click his name or the welcome back entry in the home screen, it locks up.