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University of Plymouth Diploma

The University of Plymouth is an important academic member of the Jiangsu – UK High Level Universities Alliance, Universities UK and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. Founded in 1862,  fake University of Plymouth Diploma, the main campus is located in Plymouth, England, home to the British Royal Navy and known as the safest city in the United Kingdom.   The University of Plymouth has the largest Marine research institute in the UK and is involved in the establishment of the National Marine Engineering Research Centre, which is one of the world’s leading Marine research institutions. As a high level research university, the University of Plymouth was awarded the Queen’s Annual Medal (the most prestigious national award) in 1994,  fake University of Plymouth degree, fake University of Plymouth transcript, 2011 and 2020 respectively. It has 23 Fellow of the UK Higher Education Institute and 1 highly cited scientist of the Corevech Safety Sphere. Ten disciplines are listed in the top 1% of ESI. It also ranks 83rd in the world, 18th in the world for Earth and environmental sciences, and 44th in the world for life sciences among the young universities in the Nature Index 2019. The University of Plymouth was ranked 37th in the UK and 501-600 in the world in the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2019., In the ranking of world first-class disciplines in 2019, ship and ocean engineering ranked 8th in the world, and Marine science ranked 46th in the world. According to the domestic rankings, Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry ranked 13th, alternative medicine 4th, dentistry 1st and Mathematics 4th in the UK.

The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry is a leading medical school in the UK, a partnership between the University of Exeter, the University of Plymouth and the NHS. In the RAE (Research Assessment of UK Higher Education Institutions), published every seven years, 65% of the Peninsula Medical School’s research results are rated as world class, and its overall strength is ranked 11th in the UK. In January 2013, the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry was split into the University of Exeter Medical School and the University of Plymouth School of Medicine and Dentistry. According to the Guardian University Rankings 2021, the Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry at Plymouth University is ranked 2nd in the UK for dentistry and 8th in the UK for clinical medicine.

Plymouth is one of the first places in the world to conduct modern oceanographic research, with a history of more than 160 years.

The University of Plymouth’s Marine Institute integrates the strengths of the University of Plymouth in Marine science and technology. It is the UK’s leading institution for offshore oceanographic research and technology development. It has obvious comprehensive advantages in the research field of sustainable development of coastal zone and continental sea in the world, especially its scientific cross and integration layout is very effective.

With 3,000 staff, researchers and students, the University of Plymouth Marine Research Institute has 17 cross-cutting research centers and innovation groups, including biogeochemistry, Marine biology and ecology, ecotoxicology research and development, coastal and Marine science, and Earth science research. His main research fields include biogeochemistry, Marine biology and culture, ocean engineering, coastal zone processes and oceanography, Marine geology, etc. His research in environmental remote sensing, ocean acidification, Marine ecology and biodiversity, nutrient chemistry, sea level rise and micropaleontology is in-depth and detailed, ranking among the world’s top research level.

The Institute of Oceanography of the University of Plymouth signed a memorandum of Academic cooperation with the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the School of Oceanography of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The two sides have carried out exchanges and cooperation in such areas as strengthening high-level strategic visits and consultations, joint training of undergraduates and postgraduates, exchanges between scientists and postdoctors, and joint application for international cooperation projects, so as to jointly promote comprehensive research and innovative breakthroughs in Marine science, especially in offshore oceanography.



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