It’s so close I can smell it!

It’s nearly the weekend – one more day to go! Back in the office today but it’s only me and my work bestie, so trying to keep each other motivated throughout the day. It’s easier said than done when work is so quiet. I prefer it when I work from home, it means I get to fill the gaps with housework so come the weekend the house is already clean, washing is done, carpets are hoovered. Only the food shopping needs doing which isn’t a big job when there are only 2 of us.
Tuesday evening my WB and I went to see Heathers the Musical – fantastic show! It has a number of controversial themes running through it all covered up with happy sounding musical numbers, but if you strip them away it’s actually quite dark. The cast had some lungs on them though – it was really well done!
Yesterday while working from home, I currently live in a estate where the houses are being built around us, I got wolf whistled through the kitchen/ french doors from the scaffolding opposite. I know there are many women out there that would scowl at this type of behavior but it actually doesn’t bother me – i appreciate the attention, it makes me feel like I have something someone likes to look at which in turn makes me feel good about the effort I put into myself. I know I don’t need a man’s validation to feel beautiful (blah blah blah) but it definitely helps – it makes a difference from the dirty looks i get from some women. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dress inappropriately to gain attention of the wrong kind, but that is why it feels better when someone does notice.
I’ve started working on Halloween crochet projects and keep adding things to my list that i want to make, I do worry I won’t have time to make them all but it is nice to plan the different projects and find excitement in them, even if its just ideas because the clock does not have enough numbers. Does anyone else feel like this? Never enough time to fill life with the stuff you enjoy?
Hopefully this weekend will be a quiet one, next weekend is a bit mad so I want to make the most of this one to get some reading for the book club done – hopefully finished, get a couple of gym sessions in, beat the board game that kicked our ass last weekend, more crochet and finally get through a week of my cosy game – oh and some digital colouring! There is so much someone can do – I never understand how people can say they are bored! (At home, at work is completely understandable)

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