Let’s get it all out there!

It’s 4.15pm , I have 1 hour until work finishes, my hair extensions have slipped so are currently digging into my head – being female is fun – and I’m bored! The time is dragging its ass like a snail on sand (this is the slowest thing I can currently think of!) And the only saving grace is my work bestie who lightens the mood with random topics of conversation through the day, but I can feel the energy of our whole team waning as the afternoon is crawling on.  I have made several attempts to write a paper and pen diary over the years but could never find the time between my numerous hobbies  or time alone, plus I was always worried about it being found so never dared to put anything too honest in there – you never know who may find out your darkest secrets, so thought I’d give something like this ago. I don’t mind being judged by strangers, my skin needs a good thickening anyway! Things you probably should know about me before I start filling the virtual pages:

. I’m judgemental – I can’t help it, it just is.

.I grumble about my husband, a lot! But that doesn’t mean divorce is on the cards, he’s an arse but he’s my arse.

. I speak my mind, if you are offended – stop reading.

.I’m vain and care about my looks, but I’m also a lazy girl who loves food – so having a constant battle with my weight and suck at maintaining a consistent skin care routine

.Finally I’m crap a social media – so not sure how long this is going to last!


The whole point of me trying to empty my thoughts through my fingers is because I know I’m quite contrary – one minute something will feel like an absolute disaster, then a minute later like nothing at all. I’m hoping that by getting it all out, instead of moaning to one of my friends, I’ll become a mentally calmer person. Ultra Zen! But without the meditation or humming – I spend enough time at work sitting on my ass, I don’t want to waste anymore time doing that.


I’m more than happy if people want to drop in and say hello on the posts, I’m a sociable person most of the time, but I do have a social meter that can only stand so much before I hide under a blanket and pretend I’m part of the armchair while snaffling chocolate! This is the best way to recuperate – honest! And definitely not the best time to mention what chocolate does to my weight!

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