I stutter like Porky Pig

Well, I went outside for a walk and had some cottage cheese and a diet pepsi. We are going outside in the back to eat dinner.

I stutter like Porky. It’s annoying but the people nearest to me, interprets my speech impediment for me… other people are like, spit it out already…

May be an image of Colleen Feeney, standing, tree and road

My sweet baby sister Bees <3

No photo description available.

There is an ant near the top of the pic. I take weird pix.

May be an image of sky, grass, road and tree

A nice house on Lorne Ave. 🙂




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Cute pic! People are so rude, like you can’t help that! I would tell them I can’t hear them well and give them a paper and crayon to write in down and then laugh on the inside lol

May 17, 2021

My daughter used to stutter but she lost it as she grew.  Now my grandson stutters (her son) and I’m sure he will lose it too.  It must be frustrating for you!!

@novembercirese It is annoying… I started stuttering when I was 16.