I am annoyed right now about the delays that this COVID19 is causing. I know it cant be helped but that doesn’t stop me from feeling annoyed, at least im not annoyed at any particular person etc.

I went to the doctor a 2 days ago. So far i have been able to stay at home away from people pretty good but i needed to get medication. Because i am on a strong pain killer, my doctor wont give me more of my pain meds to keep me going for more than 10 days. So had to go & get it. When i got to the doctor, they are rushing people in & out so quickly it makes you feel like you have this awful disease that they don’t want to catch from you. It makes you feel very unwelcome & like you are invading someones private space. The doctor told me that they are not actually treating anybody right now & only doing scripts. I thought what the hell if someone comes in bleeding or needs actual medical care.

When i got to the chemist there was a line up outside the door & s staff member was guarding the door with an actual barricade. Only 10 people at a time allowed in. And of course it was the first day in ages i have to go out, so it had to be the first day in ages that the weather was hot. This chemist is a great chemist but they are so slow its ridiculous. They are extremely slow on their best days. When i finally got to go in after 30 mins of waiting they told me they could only dispense 1 packbox of medication every 21 days. That the government has put restrictions on it. I was annoyed because my meds wont last that long. I asked how people were meant to live who are on higher dosages of their meds etc. Then i see a man get handed his meds that were 4 boxes of the exact same medication. I was so annoyed. So then i told the last i needed all my meds because i of my dosages. She spoke to the chemist in charge & he said it was ok to give me all my meds that i needed. I felt like screaming what is the difference between that man & me & everyone else with medication restriction. Just because some of my meds were pain meds doesn’t make me any less in need of my meds than anybody else. I wasn’t upset with the man at all, he needs his medication just the same as everyone else does, it was the chemist & the governments new policy that i was upset with. I got my medication anyway though luckily.

On friday i ordered 2 live millipedes online. I have a few creepy crawlies pets (redback spider, wolf spider, 3 brown house spiders, 2 spitting spiders, 2 scorpions, 1 centipede & 1 little millipede). I found my millipede on the cement in the front yard about 2 weeks ago & i really like her. I think she is my favorite little critter out of all my creepy crawlies. I thought because i like her so much id like another 1 or 2 but a different species so thats why i ordered them online. I ordered 2 giant Australian rain forest millipede babies. Well they were supposed to arrive yesterday with express overnight shipping. They didn’t arrive. So i thought ok today they will arrive, well its 3.19pm & they still are not here that means they are more than likely not coming today either & the Australia post tracking system doesn’t tell me anything except that the parcel is on the way. It could be anywhere from Queensland to Sydney NSW on its way, they should tell you where it is on the way. So its frustrating me. Because they are live animals im worried so i tried to ring Australia post only to go through 5 minutes of recordings & options to then be told unless the inquiry is an emergency regarding medications or essential medical equipment in the parcel they will not be able to help & if your inquiry is about anything else to hang up. I am so annoyed with this.

I am not a very patient person although i hide it well. This pandemic & its consequences are really testing my thresh hold of patience.

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April 8, 2020

That would be frustrating to deal with, in terms of your medicine. I’m glad you got it though.

Oh man, I am not a fan of your choice of creepy-crawly pets. Gonna pass on that. I’ll look at them but only if they are safely stored.

April 8, 2020

@heffay 😂 i used to be terrified of  creepy crawlies especially spiders. I got a scorpion as a energy protection thing for my religious beliefs coz id rather a live 1 than 1 that has been killed to make jewelry or statues & when i joined some facebook groups of other people who had creepy crawlies i learned soooooooo much about creepy crawlies that the fear quickly faded, i went from i am never going to have spiders to having small ones & now a wolf spider & venomous redbacks. Im not saying that my fear has completely gone but i no longer kill spiders or freak out & use a whole can of fly spray on them lol. At the moment my wolf spider is as big as i am comfortable with when it comes to having them as pets, except the other night when he escaped & scared the crap out of me, my fear came back really quick but i managed to catch him again.

April 8, 2020

@aloisia82 I can understand all of that. Until you mentioned the spider escaping. I can’t deal with that. But I’m glad you enjoy them.