11 months old *pics*

I REALLY appreciate the notes! I will write an entry now, then get back to the people that left me a note. I come here seeking advice a lot of times, or just to vent, and I take the feedback to heart

Lucy is 11 months old today! 1 more month until her first birthday ever……they all say that time flies and babies grow up so fast, but DAMN they werent kidding!

Hope these arent too big. I have a huge monitor so they all look big to me!


Fathers Day

Sun Hat

Beach the other night

Reading Books at the library

Things are so much better between me and Paul. Talking things out really doesnt work. I put the bug in his ear about sex, and he faught me on it for a few weeks, obviously……but then he did come around. He likes to do things on his own terms. I think this is always going to be a work in progress. We have started to have more sex though. Like I mentioned before, it SUCKS that my cycle is completely screwed up since getting my period back at 9 mo postpartum–seems like I have 2 periods a month now lately, but in between there we have been making it happen. Lucy is full on crawling and pulling up on everything, but that means she can also entertain herself and loves to go-go-go. Sooo…..in the morning before we get out of bed, we can (and do) easilly shut the doors to things that arent safe, and put her on the floor of the bedroom and stay in bed together for some morning action. Thats the best time really, if we can get it in before getting up. Becasue once the say starts, its really hard to find times and places and have moods align just right…wish that werent so, but it is.

Paul has taken a really long time to come around on this. And its not like its "fixed". He is taking this whole thing slow. Kind of like weaning the baby or getting her "sleep trained". I am doing it all VERY slow, like a snail’s pace, and its happening gradually, with small victories and good days in between normal days, with some bad days. I need more from him, but sometimes he gives it to me. I am working this out. We are getting it together slowly. I have faith. Today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. We are a great family and its not always perfect but we are working on it!

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Oh my goodness, your daughter is beautiful! 😀

June 20, 2012

RYN: Thanks for the encouraging words. I love your daughter’s smile!

June 20, 2012

How precious is ur daughter!! Love her smiles..they’re like sunshine! Glad to hear the hubby is working on the problem..even if he is going at it slowly for now. Men have to feel like it was their idea when they try to change their behavior.

June 21, 2012

To answer your questions, my son is afraid of the basement and the door opens to face his bedroom. That is why he sleeps on our floor. Yes, my wife and I still share a bed.

June 21, 2012
July 3, 2012

You sure do have a pretty family 🙂 I’m so glad to hear that you and Paul are doing better. At least maybe now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully it continues to improve!!