By way of update = no update

By way of update, [law firm] has confirmed: ‘Thank you for providing the signed employment verification letter (EVL) for [company I worked for]. We were able to have the evaluator proceed with providing an expert letter without the signed EVLs and with only the drafts. We are currently reviewing the EVL and expert letter and will reach out if we require anything additional.’

In my opinion this group of people handling the compilation of information to submit to the expert are unhelpful.

I’m pissed to only learn NOW that the draft versions of the EVLs were used (I submitted the final employer-signed version) because the drafts lacked ALL of the consulting verification attested by my past employers. Yes, a bundle of EVLs and who knows what else were submitted to an expert to confirm I have consulting experience and the package greatly LACKED THE CONSULTING WORK I HAVE DONE.

THIS response from them above gives me NO NEWS, only questions.

I wrote back citing, for the third time, the drafts lacked the critical content, and asked what the verdict was. Wouldn’t that be the actual update?

They’re bad at this, and I’m pissed and back to being worried.

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