Taking charge

I’m trying to take charge where I can with my work visa.

I have lost confidence in my employer.

We have just over 3 weeks to submit everything for my work visa renewal petition to both a third party agency to verify my recently-expanded-upon previous workplace employment verification letters, and work performed for my employer’s client, constitute consulting work. Only the revised versions drafted by my employer’s legal team ripped all of that out of the latest employment verification letters.

And the 3-year extension request for the work visa, well the contract between the client and my employer for my services is only up until the end of 2018.

These two parts equal disaster.

HOW do they expect to qualify my 8 years of reported management consultancy work if they rip that out of the employment verification letters, and instead appear to literally replace the letters with snippets from my resume?!

HOW is the consulate expected to approve a 3 year extension without any proof I’m needed for another 3 years?!


So there’s that. That small part where the only reasonable result is rejection of the extension and immediate deportation back to my homeland of Canada where I will be both unemployed and homeless.

So I’m starting to do what I can based on the assumption my employer will continue to completely screw things up, as if they’ve somehow never done this before. They employ 70,000 people globally, finding them positions and taking large chunks of the payment for themselves.

So, it’s time to look around. It’s time to figure out who the client works with, and see if I can work for THEM instead. The good news is my employer is quite far down on the food chain. The client has an agreement with their parent-parent company for my services. Maybe one of the other rungs in that hierarchy can do better. Maybe not in time, but still this year, and I can return.

In the mean time, I am collecting the final items to submit to my employer, and listening to the deafening silence on this while they stew and contemplate how to un#$%! themselves. And their client. Oh, and me.

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