Warmth from the light

You’ve heard that saying, “There’s light at the end of the tunnel”, but now I’m close enough to feel its warmth.

My divorce paperwork was finally finalized and is being processed by the court.

I’m seeking an employment extension of 3 whole years, and I can expect to hear back in the next few weeks / month or so whether it’s granted.

My girlfriend is interviewing for her second management promotion on Wednesday and so far everyone involved thinks she’s got it, without having said so. This will be a significant quality of life improvement for her, new challenges, and the perfect match where all her strengths are what is needed most, so I am extremely proud of her and happy.

I’ve been fighting for change, for happiness, for the last several years, non-stop. Stable happiness. I’ll be able to finally start making long term decisions, not plans that get ruined by others.

I think we all thought this was supposed to happen in our 20s, at some point. I turn 40 in another < 3 months but the the rest of my life is going to finally be shaping out.

No, none of these things are a guarantee. Worst case scenario? Court needs more shit done with the divorce which will take more time and money; my employment is not extended, I’m unemployed with $3k in bills / debt payments every month in mid June; my wonderful girlfriend doesn’t get the promotion, salary bump, new opportunities; and I have to go live at home, far away from her, to keep my bills afloat and find work.

Chances of that happening? In brutal honesty? Zero.

We’ve got this.

There are NO reasons, no concerns, no reasonably-probably risks associated with ANY of these things.

So I’m spending my time basking in this warmth, knowing with certainty this is my life now. 🙂

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