Little Girl Loved Dresses: by Amber

There once was a little girl who loved to wear a dress.

She loved them more than normal, I confess.

When she wore a dress, she felt like a feminine-super hero!

She felt like she could conquer the world; even defeat an enemy like Nero!

To her, a dress was like wearing Superman’s cape.

She loved how it felt, even it’s shape.

She would climb trees in a dress, play street hockey in a dress; this little girl truly loved dresses!

This little girl loved to run in her dress, while the wind blew through her long, dark tresses.

However, her love for dresses would be problematic for her, in the future.

The were many who gave their opinions and menacing conjecture.

There once was a young girl who still loved to wear a dress,

Though sometimes, it would cause her to be in distress.

This young woman had to grow up very fast;

Her innocence, I’m afraid, didn’t last.

Boys would touch and grab her; Especially her step father, who found time to violate her.

She was shaken and afraid; she even tried to say, “No, sir…”

Sexualized at a young age…

She hoped this wasn’t the end of her story and someone would just turn the page…


This young girl became a young woman in college; oh how time flies!

This isn’t the end of her trials, as I am giving a thousand sighs.


This young woman still loved dresses.  They made her feel confident and powerful.

She remembered going to a thrift store and seeing a dress she thought was beautiful and unique.

She also felt that this dress was very chic!

This dress reminded her of the dress her mother wore in a picture when she was young.

So this woman bought this beautiful, floral dress; oh how her heart sung!

This dress, to her, felt like a great dress to wear to her college church.

She remembered putting on her makeup, the dress, and shoes to match.

When she looked at the dress on her body, she said of the dress, “what a catch!”

When she wore the dress to church, she got many unwanted remarks.

Some even came with judgement like a school Sharks.

Another woman came to the young lady and remarked how her “boobs were too big” in the dress.

These remarks and unwanted gazes from others left the young woman feeling ashamed and in a lot of stress.

She bought the dress because she innocently thought it was beautiful and similar to her mothers;

Yet, she got so much judgement from people that were suppose to be like her sisters and brothers.


Today, this young woman is in her adult years.

This woman still loves dresses.

This woman wants to wear dresses.

This woman can’t wear dresses.

This woman is scared to wear dresses.

She, now, is isolated in a baggy sweater.

To hide her body, despite the weather.

The pain is just too much to deal.

Maybe, one day, this woman can channel her young little girl…

…and learn how to heal.

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July 16, 2021