A new day

Have to write something, so many people waiting on me. Dont want to disappoint. Yeah.

That night we may have had a little to much to drink. Having said that, its a given for us being together. Who is “us”? Leading up to what I am about to reveal I would want you to know the other side of “us” is my best friend, we have known each other since childhood. We have been through so much together and so much apart, separate but equal experience. We grew up together.

In that evening which followed, there were three of us, He (my best friend), She (his wife) and Me (of course).

Act 1: Early evening in the garden with a pleasant conversation but then the big revelation: Oh god, it happened, so much, (He) got a DUI.

(She): Oh (Me), that is just so typical of (He). Oh god, I cant believe it.

(Me): Oh no (He), how could you let this happen…

(She): And there is more… (He) do you think we should share it with (Me)?

(He): Mmmm… mmm, no, maybe not, no….

(She): Mmm, okay…

Act 2: Later that evening around the campfire after a lot of drinking and fooling around, (She) already went to bed.

(Me): You want to play around? (I moved around, playing the fool).

(He): Yeah (he slapped me through the face)

(Me): Mmmm, I did not quite expect that (shocked, I stumbled back).

(He): (Reached and grabbed me between my legs!) Now you know, right?

(Me): (Stumbling back, and then slapped him back, very softly though) Take that!

Act 3: Not being so fussy about all this shit about what not and whatever I just scrubbed it of. We went inside and I retracted to the couch where I were to sleep that night.

I was on the couch where he came sitting next to me. He sat down next to me at the record player and we continued to listen LPs. I still remember “The very best of Astrud Gilberto” before I fell asleep. His wife (whom I had a crush on in high school) already went to bed.


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November 1, 2019

I am very surprised the wife didn’t hear the noise you two were making…..

November 1, 2019

@jaythesmartone 🙂 I think she is used to us 🙂 Thank you, Jay.