How To Not Be Single

How does dating work now? I’ve been single for almost 12 years now and I think I’m tired of my own company. I just don’t know how to “get back out there”. All of my friends are married with kids and now grandkids and I’m *cough*mid-ish*cough* 40’s with no idea what to do now. The last woman I dated got married shortly after we ended things which was fine because at that time I didn’t really want a committed relationship. I do regret that a bit, as she was absolutely wonderful! But she’s happy now and I’m happy for her. So how does a single dude go about meeting potential partners now? I didn’t have any luck with OkCupid and I don’t know if any other dating sites would be better.

My friend suggested going to some meet-up groups for my hobbies but the problem with that is most of my hobbies have fallen away. The only thing I do on a semi-regular basis is model-making/painting and that is almost exclusively Warhammer 40k related. I guess there must be some single women in their 40’s that do that too, right?

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