Missing Out

I watch a lot of YouTube and most of my YouTube consumption is travel vlogs by way of Overlanding. I’m blown away that people are able to make a living by traveling to all these wonderful places and documenting them all. I’m under no illusions that that type of lifestyle is not easy and what I see on YouTube is the “highlight” reel of those travels. I would love to be in a position to try out this lifestyle but I can’t. I’m a little resentful of that fact currently. I’ve set up my life the way my parents wanted me to set it up. Steady 9-5 “office” job with great salary and benefits, a large-ish house that’s way too big for me being single. I literally haven’t been in 2 of the bedrooms and 1 of the bathrooms in months (maybe years). A car payment along with that house payment but I don’t regret either since I love my Jeep and one day I will sell cash out of this house. Maybe that will be my time to go explore other things. Of course, that’s all predicated on me living long enough to do all that.

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