Saturday. Yay.

I hate living for the weekends because every single time I’m disappointed by them. I can’t really go anywhere or do anything because of the Parental Unit and because I overly worry about them falling or something else bad happening. So much so that I end up doing the exact same thing *every* *single* *Saturday*

1. Wake up at 6am and realize I don’t have to work so I should sleep in. But I really don’t like sleeping in b/c I feel like I’ll waste the day away. I end up going back and forth in my head for 30-45 min until I finally get up.

2. Take the dog for a walk

3. Make a coffee, grab my ipad and go on the front porch. If I get up early enough I get an hour/hour and a half before the sun blinds me and I have to go back in. This morning I got maybe 20 min.

4. Start watching youtube videos even though I know I’ll end up spending *hours* wasting my time watching people I don’t really give a shit about

5. Plan on going over to PU’s place to check on them and fix their meds for the week…plan on going around 11a but procrastinate b/c I dread going over there and don’t end up going until 1p-2p.

6. Talk myself out of going to Starbucks or another local coffee shop b/c…well, I don’t really know why. End up back home

7. Watch more youtube videos or reruns of some show that I’ve watching a hundred times.

8. Take the dog on another walk

9. More youtube/old shows until I decide it’s finally time to go bed.

Day wasted.

I’d love to get up early one saturday, drop the dog off at daycare and hit the lake for some kayaking/fishing. That’s something I used to love to do but since the covid shutdown and PU’s health declining I just can’t seem to find the time or the energy to do it.

I canceled cable tv b/c I was wasting so much time just watching garbage but that time sink has now moved to other apps like youtube/amazon and my own media collection of tv shows and movies. I feel like I have to have background noise mainly b/c I can’t stand my own thoughts and noise helps drown that out. I have tried music and audiobooks but I can’t really tune them out the way I can the tv.

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble so I’m going try and find something to do that isn’t tv related.

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